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Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation (PCCF) National Design Competition
Stage I deadline - June 12th
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Design of New US Memorial in Iceland
Design Competition for US Memorial

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2013 Student Design Competition

ATTENTION: Instructions for all Student Design Competition Entries
In order to post all competition entries each respective team is required to submit a NOMAS Student Chapter Report PRIOR to this Friday’s deadline.  Please submit all chapter reports to Jason Pugh at jason.pugh15@gmail.com.   Upon receipt, a private DropBox link and folder for each team will be emailed directly to you which should be used to upload all competition entry requirements.  Please remember the DEADLINE to submit all competition entries is this FRIDAY, SEPT 27th by midnight PST.

March 04, 2013

NOMA is issuing a challenge to design a carbon neutral mixed used transit oriented development (TOD) that will “[connect] people to people and people to places”. The design requires entrants to use innovative techniques while balancing the rich history of the site and the principals of the Smart Growth Initiatives for the City of Indianapolis.

This design competition calls for the development of a carbon neutral mixed-used transit oriented development to be located at the intersection of E 25th Street and the Monon Trail. The proposed facility should create a node of local services connecting the adjacent communities of Martingdale-Brightwood and King Park.

The “Community Connector” should:
• Increase ‘location efficiency’ so people can walk, bike, and take transit
• Boost transit ridership and minimize vehicular traffic
• Provide a rich mix of housing, shopping and transportation choices
• Generate revenue for the public and private sectors and provide value for both new and existing residents
• Create a sense of place

The design team must clearly articulate how they will transform the program for a carbon neutral mixed-used TOD project into a “community incubator”. We require each entry to identify one or more of the principals from the Smart Growth Initiatives and use it as the impetus of their proposal.

Smart Growth Principals:
• Sustainability
• Transit
• Economic vitality and opportunity
• Mobility
• Cultural and socioeconomic integration
• Necessary components of daily life
• Ecological quality
• Renewable energy sources

Culturally responsive, socially responsible, environmentally conscious, and urbanistically grounded are measurements that will be used to evaluate each competition.

Download the full program here.

Download the Chapter Report form here.